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Warwick Anderson


It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 3rd annual NHMRC Research Translation Faculty Symposium – "Achieving better health outcomes for Australians living with chronic conditions through more effective research translation", in Melbourne on 12-13 November, 2014.

Our previous Symposia have showcased Australia's talent and creativity across the entire spectrum of research translation. This year, we seek to focus on how better translating the results of research can lead to improved health outcomes for Australians living with one or more chronic conditions. These conditions are placing an ever-increasing burden on the health care system, particularly in primary care, and the numbers are only going to increase as more of us live for longer. The challenges are multiplied when people live in rural or remote settings.

We also need to think more about how decision-making needs at the bedside can better inform innovative ideas that are pursued at the bench, and how teams of researchers from across the spectrum can collaborate dynamically and effectively to develop creative new solutions to some of these intransigent health problems.

The Research Translation Faculty is NHMRC's forum to confront this translation challenge. Last year we asked the Faculty for 'big ideas for action for big health challenges' in each of the priority health areas in Australia. This is a very exciting time for the Faculty as it works on these big ideas, with a view to recommending the action that NHMRC can take to address the gap between research evidence and what is actually happening in practice and policy.

The Faculty is an opportunity for NHMRC's researchers to engage with each other, and to inform the work of the office of NHMRC. I would like to thank all Faculty members who have been able to contribute so far, particularly those who have volunteered their time to participate in the Steering Groups who together are working hard to build cases for action.

I encourage all of those interested in the challenges and successes of research translation to take part in the Symposium in Melbourne in November. As always, the outcomes will feed into NHMRC's consideration of how best to organise and fund research, and hence achieve the best results for Australians.

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